Season's Greetings

I don't mean to cause widespread panic here but has anyone noticed that it's only 3 months til Thanksgiving and that means it's only 4 months til Christmas?


Maybe it's not like this at your house but at mine, I am the one pretty much in charge of these holidays. Including everyone's holiday happiness.  And I am not trying to throw myself a pity party over here but I cannot for the life of me recall signing up for this duty!

Am I reading anybody else's mail???

 I don't like the stress and pressure and chaos that this upcoming season tries to throw at us. Any I don't think you do, either.  So I am gonna do something about it! Nope, I am not cancelling Christmas this year! No Grinch wanna be's allowed!

Let's blog some ideas on how we keep the holidays from causing us to resign from motherhood - please send me (either email, snail mail,or even comments to this post) some things you do or have done that help keep this season HOLY...seeing how it's supposed to be HOLY DAYS and all...

Anything from meal planning to budget tips to gift ideas to meaningful celebrations.  Please send these my way!  You were over the top awesome when I asked for your input on loneliness (look for some posts on that coming soon - AND listen out for my next visit with Jules on The Jules Show 88.9 FM - I'll let you know when that date will be - we're gonna talk about loneliness!)   Your feedback has been really helpful as I compile thoughts on that subject and I'd like to do more of the same on the holidays.


Thanks, girlfriends!!!

You can reach me at

Merry Christmas!