My Family

It used to be just the two of us. Here we are at the wedding of our oldest, August 12, 2011.  Paul looks exactly the same as he did at OUR wedding September 27, 1986.  I look, well, I look NOT exactly the same.  But, hey, I did bring 4 adorable tax deductions into the world.  And I didn't eat them alive.  Yet......

Then before we knew it, there was a whole bunch more of us.

This was Christmas 2008.  Katie was almost 20, Mary was almost 16, Chip was just 12, Betsy was 6.  Paul and I were, um, tired.

Then Chip convinced Katie to try and even out the male-female ratio.

 Welcome to the family, Jon!

             Katie's wedding 8/12/11

Then GUESS WHAT!!!!!!  Chip was really really serious about increasing the testosterone in our family and so Katie gave us Jonathan Miller Alligood, Jr on June 25, 2012!!!  Woohoo!  More letters to write for Suzie!!  (I don't do "grandmother-ly" names)

Not to be outdone by Chip's longing to add males to our brood, Mary and Betsy prayed for another addition.  This time, of the female variety.  Katie gladly complied and on December 25, 2014 (yes, that IS Christmas Day!)
Mary Alice Alligood arrived!!

Cutest kids ever.  I know.  They really are.  Wish their Mom and Dad would quit dealing drugs so far away.  People up here need them, too.  Just sayin