Where to write?

Do you have to be a Mom to write Living Letters?  Absolutely not!  The Apostle Paul began the idea of "Living Letters" in his letter to the Corinthians.  He was a prolific writer, leaving indelible ink on the hearts of Christ-followers all over Asia Minor some 2000 years ago.  And on the hearts of Christ-followers today. (2 Corinthians 3:2-5)

Same for you and me.  Certainly as a Mom, it is my primary focus to write into the lives of my children.  It is on those pages that I have the most opportunities.  I am intentional about what I am writing in the lives of Katie and Mary and Chip and Betsy.  I purpose to write messages of love and hope and joy.  Of how to treat others and how to handle adversity. Of Eternity and loving God and obeying His Word.  Of how to deny oneself, to prefer others, to strive for excellence. Some posts are intentional....others are not. From time to time, I change instruments.  Sometimes in pencil and sometimes in ink.  Some posts need erasing....others need white-out.  Those kinds of mistakes will merit their own separate blogpost sometime!

 But should I expect to only write into the lives of those under my own roof?  A resounding NO!  My heart longs to ink lines onto the hearts of lots of women, even an occasional man, if the situation merits it.  Now let the record show that I do not consider myself a spiritual Pulitzer Prize author.  Not even a Newberry Award winner!I don't have noteworthy things to say or mind-boggling truths to impart.  I just love people!  And I want to leave a little imprint of love on their hearts.  I want those folks that I come in contact with to feel just a little bit happier, a little bit more encouraged, a little bit more loved just because we connected.  I want my life not only to touch others but also to leave an imprint.  Most every morning, I ask the Lord to help me write well.  It is great joy to me when the Lord lets me see that imprint in another's life. 

One final thought.  Be sure that you know that I know this - the ink that lasts is His.  When the imprint of love remains, it is He who has done the writing.  He just allows me the privilege of being one of His quills. 

I challenge you to be a vessel of His ink.  Begin writing on purpose.  And, I'd really love to hear your story.  Tell me.