About Me

My name is Suzanne Sinyard Chambers.  I am most proud of the fact that God has chosen to entrust me with the mission of equipping 4 lives to fulfill God's calling in their lives.  I am most grateful that He allows me to do so by the side of my best friend for 26 years. I like to read and bake and write Bible studies.  And invest in the lives of women.  Living letters.

My husband is Paul.  He takes good care of me, provides for our family so that I can stay home and blog, keeps me from being locked up in an institution and makes me laugh.  I love him. Plus he is awfully good-looking and that helps us stay married all these years.

Our oldest is Katie.  She is completing her training to be a legalized drug dealer. She is gorgeous and amazing.  Ask her Dad.  A year ago, she changed her name and then 10 months later, she decided her life wasn't crazy enough.  So she made me a grandmother.  My name is Suzie.  Paul's name is Cap'n.  And the cutest kid in the universe is Jonathan.  The only mistake she has ever made is to move 4 hours away to deal drugs.  She could just as easily do that down the road from me.  Jonathan and I would like it alot better.  He told me so.

Our next is Mary.  She is currently a Junior in college.  I think she is studying World Management.  I don't know why cuz she already knows how to do that.  She is as gorgeous and amazing as Katie.  You can check the pictures.  I am telling you the truth. She will blow you away.

The next in our brood is Chip.  He is perfect.  Truly.  Just ask me.  His real name is Dwain Paul Chambers III.  So that's why we call him Chip.   He stays at home to teach me stuff like Chemistry and Trig.  And computers.  One day he will be world-famous and you will say, hey, I remember reading about him on that crazy woman's blog!  Oh yeah.

The bonus baby is Betsy.  Practice makes perfect, they say.  She is 10 and absolutely adorable.  We know where she came from - Mary prayed for her.  She is definitely the answer to our prayers!  She is smart and gorgeous like her sisters.  And she swims a mean breast stroke.  Just ask all the girls 10 and under in our county.  Just sayin. She stays home to teach me to cook and to keep me company.  After all these years of crazy activity, can you imagine how lonely I would be if I didn't have Betsy???