Laundry, Load 2

A week from tomorrow night, I get to meet with that group of fabulous young women that I told you about several days ago.  You remember - the ones I promised to share my life disclose my 3 biggest failures and 3 biggest successes wrt marriage. 

This time, they want some parenting scoop. 

For marriage, I solicited input from my better half.  This time, I am pulling in the offspring.  I told 'em - Gloves are off.  Anything they want to share about what their Dad and I did wrong...and right :) 
I will compile their info - unabridged - and share it with these gals I do life with.  Feels a little like I am doing laundry in the buff. 

Before any input from my favorite tax deductions, I think the main thing I would tell them that makes for a successful parent is "Grandmothers who pray."  Seriously.  I am eternally in debt to the women in my lineage.  The ones I call Mama and Mimi. And the ones who have already graduated to their reward, some of whom I never even knew.  But they prayed for me, for all those who come after them. Only Heaven will reveal how their prayers have borne fruit, provided protection, supplied wisdom and grace and strength.  Truly, I think that's the main thing.  Pray.  And get as many other people as possible to do the same,

I amxiously await the responses of my kids.  I promise to share it.  As well as some thoughts of my own.  Dirty laundry.  Clean laundry.  Stuff that requires dry clean only treatment.  Stay tuned.

Oh, that reminds me.  When I did the first laundry post, I offered to share my marriage bests and worsts.  Anybody want to hear 'em?