Thanksgiving Challenge

November is peeking around the corner.  I have no idea how because it was February just last week.  I haven't even adjusted to writing 2012 when I note the date.  I will get it down pat just about the time I have to change to 2013.  Sigh.  Life is really hard.

Nonetheless, November is here and with it, comes Thanksgiving.  Of all the holidays, this one is the best.  (Now, don't jump all over me for not choosing Jesus's birthday.  December 25 isn't even His birthday and it doesn't feel like we are celebrating Him that month anyway.  But that's another post).

Thanksgiving is about just what it says - giving thanks.  I want to celebrate ThanksLIVING.  I want my posture to always be one of thankfulness. I want my children to live like that and I want to model it.   Gratitude.  To God.  And to others. Authentically.

In past years, I have taken each day of November to post on Facebook something I am thankful for.  This year, I am going to aim to blog it. 

I challenge you to do the same.  I'd love it if you would post on here.  Thankfulness needs to be public in order to be thanksgiving.  But share it somewhere.  On here.  On Facebook.  Twitter.  Better yet, in person.  But each day of November, let's all name something we give thanks for. 

And we might like it so much that we live that way December-October, too.