Thankful thought 2

I have a really great set of in-laws. From my husband's parents to his siblings and sibling-spouses and cousins and cousin-spouses to my only brother's wife. And my first son-in-law! They are the best.   They should be called "in-loves" instead of "in-laws" because that is a more apt description of our relationships. 

I am fully aware that not everybody enjoys the same blessing.  Guess that explains all those jokes that tear down and erode these affiliations.  That makes me sad.  Families get enough attacks from the outside; we don't need to be destroyed from within, too.

I am thankful for all my in-laws.  If any of you are reading this, know that I give thanks to God for each one of you individually.  You inspire me to be the best in-law that I can be so that I can bless you back.

And, if you don't have great in-laws, then how 'bout you decide to be the very best one YOU can be, just to upstage 'em! :)