Thankful thought 3

Just a short one today.  I am thankful for contact lenses.  You should be, too, in the interest of public welfare.  At least the public that has to view moi.  I began wearing glasses in 4th grade, and, while I was amazed at what I could see (as in leaves on trees instead of blurry masses of green), I myself was not an amazing sight to behold. Think Coke bottle bottoms.  On steroids.  They probably weighed more than I the time, that wasn't saying much.

When I got contact lenses in 7th grade, I was pretty sure I was the coolest kid in Junior High.  (If there is anyone reading this blog that knew me then, restrain yourself from brutal comments, please).  Think relative, OK?  Anything was bound to be an improvement.

I know glasses have come a long way but I am still thankful for contact lenses.  As in waaaaaay thankful.  You should be, too.  Just sayin.