Thankful thought 7

I guess it naturally follows that, after being thankful for my kids, my thoughts would turn to my own parents.  I surely do give thanks for them!  And TO them.  I wish you all could know them.  They are the best.  Really.

But, in a bigger picture, I am thankful for my raisin'.  Now that's not "raisins", as in what tastes great in oatmeal cookies.  It's "raisin'" in how I was raised.  If you were raised in the South, (then stop and count your blessings), then you know what I mean by raisin'.  Rearin'. 

I was raised in a small town.  And while I may not agree with all that's in Hillary's book, I do agree with the principle "it takes a village".  (I just don't consider the government part of that village but that's another post...) I was free to roam around, ride bikes to town, and hang around with friends w/o needing to check in with my Mom every hour.  I was not only safe but I was also in an environment where everybody treated all the kids like their own.  If you were at our house when it was time for dinner (or breakfast or lunch), then you helped us set the table and you pulled up a chair.  If I was at my friend's house and we were about to be up to no good, then their Mama stopped us both. 

Yep, everybody was in your business.  In a good way.  Once when Willy, the policeman pulled me over for coasting through a red light, my Mama knew it before I got home.  (We only had two red lights so it was pretty easy for everybody to see what was going on!) And when somebody needed help, other folks pitched in and helped out til things got taken care of. 

People were nice in the town where I was raised.  Kind and polite and helpful. I mean, after all, you knew you weren't just going to see them in the hardware store - you would also see them at the school's parent meeting, the bank, and at church on Sunday night.  So, I guess we were motivated to treat folks nice!

I am sure the adults in my growing up years were realistic enough to see another side of the town where I was raised. But for me, it was great.  And I am thankful.  For all the folks that helped my Mama and Daddy raise me.