Thankful thought 8

I am thankful for flowers.  Love them.  In bouquets, on my table, in the yard, along the road.  Love them.  Maybe it's because I am so blooming crazy but I love seeing things in bloom.  Probably it's because I am the poster child for the   No Green Thumb Club that I appreciate things that bloom. 

Did you ever think about the fact that God could have made this world blah and dreary?  We never would have known the difference!  I mean, really, what would we have compared it to??? I am thankful that He splashes  His creativity all over the place...and I also am grateful that He gifted some of His creatures (as in the human kind) to successfully nurture the plants He designed.

I am happy to be one of His creatures that gets to enjoy His gifts.  My favorite is the daffodil.  I think that's why He planned my birth to be in March.  Every year, in preparation for my birthday, His world is awash in those gorgeous yellow flowers.  My Mom told me it was just for me so don't dare spoil my joy. :)