Thankful thought 9

I am thankful for my churches.  Not that I belong to more than one. At least not at the same time! 

I am grateful for the churches that I have been connected to throughout my life.  Woodbury Baptist Church.  Prince Avenue Baptist Church.  Eastside Baptist Church.  Hickory Grove Baptist Church.  Westover Church.  Watkinsville First Baptist.  From cradle roll to youth group to college department to singles and then young marrieds and then, well, we stayed in young marrieds.  Offered to teach there so we could stay. 

All these churches have been significant in shaping my  life.  Most of my dearerst friends and mentors come from my connection to one of these churches.  I have been blessed. 

I know churches aren't perfect.  You might have had some painful experiences through church.  I understand.  Someone once told me "there ain't no hurt like church hurt".  Amen.  But in spite of that, my feelings about church are overwhelmingly positive.  Churches aren't perfect because they are made up of people that aren't perfect.  I can't think of a better place for us imperfect people to be.