January blog-theme....

Merry Christmas!!  I hope you are having some wonderful times, celebrating this holiday!  I pray that you have times when you can reflect on the reason for the season, times to enjoy family and friends, time to worship and celebrate and love!

I'll bet your family is like mine and you have busy schedules.  Colds and maybe flu.  (Oh, I hope not!) Meals to plan.  Gifts to buy.  Events to attend.  Gifts to buy.  Schedules to coordinate.  Gifts to buy.  People to visit.  Gifts to buy.  Needs to meet.  Gifts to buy.  Get my drift?  All this gift-buying!!  Whew!!  Now, don't write me off as Scrooge.  I LOVE to give gifts!  But, honestly, I think we in America have fallen off our own fiscal cliff - that of gift-buying.  We buy things we can't afford to give to folks that don't need them.  So that we can feel like we are celebrating Christmas!!  I wish there were a way to unplug this Christmas machine!!  Well, maybe we'll tackle that next year.  Say, in July.  But for January, we are going to look at 31 ways to have less. Ways to reduce our expenses.  Ways to increase our contentment!  Ways to make do with less.   And I believe "less" will bring "more".  More health, more peace, more sanity, more fiscal responsibility.  31 ideas of recipes, de-cluttering, meaningful gifts, family times, etc.  I have a few ideas and I'd like you to share yours.  Beginning January 1.  31 days of Less is more.

Get your ideas ready to share!