The Word became flesh

The Gospel of John tells us that THE WORD became flesh and dwelt among us.  THE WORD.  In the beginning, THE WORD was with God.  And THE WORD was God. THE WORD that spoke the universe into existence.  THE WORD that breathed life into man.  THE WORD that was and is and always shall be.  THE  INFINITE WORD poured itself into a finite mold and became human. 


Why?  Because finite man could not commune with infinte God, due to the death-inducing power of sin.  And Infinite God wanted man to commune with Him.  So THE WORD took on flesh and came to live among finite man.  THE WORD loved and taught and showed and lived.  And died.  So that finite man could receive the Spirit of infinite God, THE WORD.  Then communion would be possible.

What does it mean, for finite man to partake of this Spirit?  To receive THE WORD?  What difference does it make, really? 

THE WORD means

1.  LIFE.  I John 1:1 calls Him "THE WORD of LIFE".  He speaks and gives life. Without Him, we are dead.  With Him, we get to live forever. And right now.  To really live, not just to exist.
2.  POWER.  THE WORD merely spoke and all that is was created.  Out of nothing.  And THE WORD spoke and the dead came back alive.  Without CPR or electric shocks or any kind of technology.  He merely spoke. That is some kind of power!
3. LIGHT.  THE WORD is LIGHT that shows us where to go, how to live.  It dispels the darkness of fear and depression and rejection and despair.  THE WORD shines into our darkness and grants hope and love and peace.
4.  TRUTH.  THE WORD is TRUTH.  Completely.  Not partial truth.  Not an opinion.  TRUTH.  All the time.  That gives us confidence and peace and direction.

So, what do we do?  How do we respond today?  If you haven't received THE WORD of LIFE and POWER and LIGHT and TRUTH, you can.  But one day, time will run out.  And you won't be able to.  Because we can only come to THE WORD if HE draws us.  And one day, He will be done.

If you already have THE WORD, then hear it, obey it, share it, meditate on it, immerse yourself in it, love it, glorify it.  Him.  Hear HIM.  Obey HIM.  Share HIM.  Meditate on HIM.  Immerse yourself in HIM.  Love HIM.  Glorify HIM.

And continue to marvel that THE WORD that spoke and created all that there is, resides within us.

On a side note, 24 years ago today, THE WORD brought forth my firstborn child and laid her in my arms.  Thus began the highest calling I have ever had and will ever have - I became a Mom.  What a delight and a privilege!  Happy birthday, Katie.  I love you to the moon and back.  Forever!!