Less is More - the B word

You may have another B word in mind when you approach today's Less is More project but the Word for today is BUDGET. 

Call it a spending plan if you prefer.  But you need one.  If you don't have one, you don't know what you are spending so you cannot possibly spend less.  So today you need to address this topic.

Here are some thoughts - if you already have a budget, take 30 seconds and pat yourself on the back.  Good job!  Your mission today, then, is to tweak it.  Improve it.  See how you are doing with it. 

If you don't have one, you can take a stab at it but you might need some data first.  So, put your best guess on paper but then, beginning today, write down everything you spend for 1 month.  Everything means everything.  The stop at Starbucks.  The contribution to the soccer coach's gift.  The movie money you gave to your son.  Everything.  Now, don't panic.  This is not to guilt you into hoarding your cash under your mattress - you just need to know where your money is going before you can develop a plan.  Once you have your data at the end of 30 days, you will sort it into categories to see how close you came to reality when you took a stab at  the B word.

Throughout this month, we will share ideas on how to reduce spending in various areas.  For now, though, you just need the plan.