Less is More - More B word

For years, Paul and I couldn't have money discussions without stress.  Candidly, most of the fault lay with me.  I tend to feel better when there is more money left than month.  And when the savings account could see us through a long line of disasters.  And if the next 25 years are carefullly planned out so as to avoid any said disasters.  Anybody know what I mean??? Obviously, our reality never matched my fantasy security so I tended to be stressed when we needed to discuss finances.  Somehow we made it through and learned alot.  The silver lining to my stressed-out state was that I was always primed to learn more ways to cut costs! 

The tip for today's theme is a website called crown.org They have free downloads that are literal step by step instructions on how to set up a budget, establish savings goals (and what those goals should be!) and put yourself on sound financial ground. This organization, and Dave Ramsey's teaching, have been paramount in teaching Paul and me how to manage our money. How to spend less, save more, give more...and minimize stress.

Today, go to Crown's website.  And Dave Ramsey's, if you like.  Browse around a bit and then download the financial map.