Less is More - but still fun!

Cheap or free entertainment ideas:

1.  Local library - story time, books and movies AND - 4 free passes to the Atlanta Zoo if you watch a 22 minutes DVD at your local branch!!!
2.  Board games - sharpen minds and help the wallet - we love "apples to apples" and "catchphrase"
3.  Don't fall prey to the myth that you must entertain your children.  Interact with them but you should not entertain them.  Help them make a list of things they can do when they are bored and then refer them to it.  Or to the chore chart.  That works magic in my house when kids "don't have anything to do."
4.  Visit local thrift store and give each child $3 to spend however they want. Aren't I generous???
5.  Blanket forts
6.  Neighborhood bike rides
7.  Picnics at the park
8.  Visit a local nursing home and deliver cookies.
9.  In the summertime, fill a bucket with water, arm your kids with paintbrushes and let them "paint" the shed or the fence or the house!
10.  Write a thank you note to your area's policeman and deliver it in person.  With a plate of cookies.
11. Look online for DIY recipes for bubble solution or playdoh or fingerpaint.  And go for it!
12.  My personal motto for numerous situations is "On bad days, bake brownies."
13.  Look at the stars.  It is a fun activity for us to stretch out in our open field, volleyballs under our heads for cushion, and look at the stars. 
14.  Make ice cream in a baggie.  Check online for a recipe.  EASY doesn't even begin to describe it!
15.  A nap would be my personal favorite but I have YET to have a child agree with me.  Hmmm, I think my two oldest would now, though!!  College and Motherhood have a way of making naps sound like fun.
16,  Playing outside in the rain.  Gotta get money's worth out of those rain boots!
17.  Video scavenger hunt.  This is a blast with a large group of folks.  We did it for one of the kids' birthdays and still talk about how fun it was!

What suggestions do you have?