Less is More - just don't do it

This is the "anti-Nike" idea - just don't do it.  Some things you think you have to, that is.  I don't do Christmas cards every year.  And, the first "off"year was hard.  I wanted to send a letter to everyone on my list explaining that I wasn't doing cards that year!  But I managed to survive.  And not one person on my list went into prolonged and irretriveable depression.  Not one.

What else can you "just not do" and survive?  A gift for every person your child comes in contact with?  Redecorate your dining room every two years?  Cable TV?(I hear curses from many sources!) Preschool?  Private school???? Season tickets to something? Gym membership? Dance lessons for your two year old? A home in that "certain" neighborhood?  A car for your 16 year old?

I'd like to hear some of the things you have "anti-Nike'd".  Might inspire me to cut it out, too!!