First letter

As I wrote "Just some things we must tell the children", another whisper came to me.  These life lessons that I want to impart are important.  And I want to be sure my kids get them.  But there are things just as important that I need to communicate to them.  Maybe even more so. Things like how much I love them.  How incredible I think they are.  And how blessed I am to be their Mom.  All four are really  amazing and fabulous gifts.  And I want the world to know them, too.

So I'll start with my first letter.  Katie Alice.  My firstborn.  The one who made me a Mother.  Named for my grandmother and my Mom - two of the most significant people in my world.  How fitting that those names mean "pure" and "truth"...two incredibly accurate desriptions of my Katie.

How would I describe my Katie to someone who didn't know her?  Wow.  If only words could convey who she is and how I feel about her!  But here's a try.

First, gorgeous.  From an early age, her Daddy taught her to say "My Daddy says I'm gaaaawjush".  And "gaaawjush" she continues to be.  Deep brown eyes, the size of dinner plates.  Silky smooth hair that defies the existence of "bad hair day".  Show-stopping gorgeous from the very beginning.

As enviably as her beauty is, her mind and her heart far exceed it. Many girls don't like to be described as intelligent but Katie embraces the fact that God has given her an incredibly bright mind and she uses it to glorify Him.  She has always been inquisitive, loving to learn, and able to do so quickly.  I so wish I could take the credit that people try to give me for her rapid course through homeschooling....but she and I both know that she was pretty much self-taught.  I was too busy with Bonus Baby Betsy to help any of my other kids!

Trustworthy. This kid is 100% trustworthy.  She has never been able to lie - a trait that made my parenting her much easier! I trust not only her truth-telling but also her counsel and her judgment.  I frequently go to her for advice and insight. She is wise, really truly wise.  And thoughtful and thorough.  Her choice of career in the medical field is a perfect fit.  And in her role as a wife and a Mom, well, she's more than perfect.  Seriously.

Kind-hearted.  In no way would I imply that Katie is a pushover.  Uh, no not at all.  But she has a kindness, a consideration towards others, a thoughtfulness that sets her apart.  Especially towards those the world doesn't value.  The least of these.  She's never been one to be impressed by "the beautiful people".  Instead she intuitively chooses those with a beaufiful spirit or those that have the deepest need.

Kind-hearted, yes, but also feisty when the situation calls for it!  Ever ready to come to the defense of a sibling (maaaaaaybe a little too quick sometimes....but that's another story!).  Stubbornly standing her ground on issues of doctrine or weighty matters like football strategy.  Competitive...almost to a fault.  Kind of had to coach her up that we don't always want to beat the boys in everything.....just sayin.....

My Katie.  Well, she's pretty much perfect.  Mary Poppins would envy her.  I am glad she's mine.  I hope you get to know her.  You will be blessed.

I'll get to those other letters soon.  And you will know that I am blessed.  Incredibly, abundantly blessed.  And thankful.  Very thankful.