Post script

Several "letters to the editor" suggest additional descriptions of Katie that are too important to omit.  I could have gone on and on about her in the first letter but tried to restrain myself.  Still, these two need to be added.

Loyal and capable. Oh yes.  If Katie is your friend, it will be to her dying day.  She will support you and defend you and enjoy you forever.  (Conversely, if you have earned her distrust, it takes an awful lot to move you off the "naughty list".  Just warning...)  And capable.  Oh my, this kid is capable.  She does all things well and makes it look easy. Our family says that Katie has the Midas touch. She succeeds at everything. She's my hero.  Seriously.  If she would just move closer, we could hang out more and increase the chances of her rubbing off on me.

Thank you to those folks who added these descriptions.  You cannot imagine how it blesses a Mama's heart to know other people love your child!

One last note.  I got a couple of playful jabs and eyerolls at my unabashedly bragging on my kids.  Understood.  But, in my defense, "bragging" would imply that I take some credit.  I don't.  I am just thankful.  And, my example is my Heavenly Father, who publicly expressed His love and pride in His Son.  "This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased".  So, please know my heart.  I just want to affirm my children for who they are and instill in them the assurance of my forever love. 

Now if I just had some doves at my disposal.....