Happy Birthday, Betsy....Letter #4

Can it really be that 11 years ago today God sent our family a bonus blessing?  Baby Betsy.  The one who made our little tribe complete.  The one who filled the hole of a baby sister for Mary, a baby for Katie to "mother", and a sibling who elevated Chip to leader status.  The one who filled the little hole that was left in my Mommy heart. 

Oh, the questions and comments.  "Are you done?"  (Whose business is that???) "Was this planned?" (From the foundations of the world, you bet it was!) Since Chip was a baby, I wanted at least one more.  Just a little hole in my Mommy heart.  Who knew that God would time it just like He did.  Perfectly.  March 11, 2002.  Our family grew by two little feet. 

How to describe Betsy to the world?  Let me try.

Lovely.  Even as young as she is, it is evident that she is a beauty.  The words "grace" and "elegance" come to mind.  Long and lean, she is already enviably lovely.  Bright eyes, hair that waves just right, bone structure that people would pay a pretty penny for, and a physique that people would kill for.  She is really lovely.  When asked as a little one where she got her pretty looks from, she would reply "from my Mary".

Smart.  Folks tell me all the time how smart she is.  I just know it's really easy to homeschool her.  More of that self-sufficiency trait I love to cultivate.  She learns quickly and retains information like sponges retain water. Whether it's Latin or pre-Algebra or sewing or how to cook apple dumplings, she is a quick study.  Indeed, she's book smart.  But she has an advantage over those folks that are just book smart.  Betsy is relationally savvy.  She is the one explaining to me why we need to invite so & so or why she answered such & such in a given situation...because she's always considering how something will make somebody else feel.  Yep, she's smart alright.  More than could ever show up on a test.

Administratively gifted.  This is more than just being organized and planful, although she is both of those.  This is actually a gift from God - Betsy is able to assess a situation and understand what needs to be done to get to the goal in mind.  She gets herself ready and alerts the rest of us when we need to leave in order to get somewhere.  And she makes sure we all comply!  She plans all necessary steps for birthday parties, schoolwork completion, and even personal budget requirements. The amazing part is that she doesn't get bogged down in those details.  She intuitively understands that the details are a means to an end.  Not an end in themselves.  (Yes, she is only 11.  I know how incredible this is.  I live with her.)

Sweet.  Her Daddy calls her "Sweet Girl" and it is a fitting name.  This kid is just plain sweet.  She is friendly and kind and thoughtful. (OK siblings, nobody claims 100% performance rate!) Always wanting to make cookies for her AWANA leaders or take flowers to an elderly neighbor, she's just plain sweet.
But don't think for  a minute that she's a wimp.  Uh, that would be an emphatic NO. Which segues to the next description...

Competitive.  Whether it's completing 4 books of AWANA verses in two years (instead of the normal 4) or mastering breaststroke in swimming (as in, "Ya think I can beat the boys, Mom?") or beating Chip to the shower, Betsy loves to compete.  And to win.  Oh, yes, to win.  She has an internal advantage to her competitive edge that most of us - especially me - envy.  She doesn't quit.  Even if she gets knocked down...or out (see earlier post "Measure of a Champion")...she doesn't quit til she gets to where she wants to be.  She's awesome.

God took all this and more, packaged it in a tiny bundle,  stuck a label on it addressed for our home...and delivered it to our family on March 11, 2002, Elizabeth Jean Chambers.   My heart has been full ever since.  Happy Birthday, sweet Betsy.  I love you!