I have been asked about our weekly chore list.  It's a little humbling to admit that we actually do so little but, we do, so here goes.  There are some excellent resources available that are much more detailed and extensive than what we are able to accomplish over here.  But, here is the list we use each week and it's what works for us.  A few times a year I get really motivated and we do some deep cleaning, but, honestly, I am pretty dirt-tolerant.  Clutter drives me batty but dirt I can live with.

Morning routine -
              Get up and get dressed (shower, whatever)
               Personal quiet time
               Breakfast (with family as much as possible)

Evening routine-
             Be sure room is straightened up
             Think through the next day and do whatever prep plans are needed (clothes, backpacks, etc)
             I often throw a load of laundry in and/or turn on dishwasher.  I also think through meal needs
             for the next day and do any advance prep work that I can.

Mondays - Laundry (wash, dry, fold/put away)
                  Bathrooms (toilets, sinks, floors - tubs/showers as needed...which often results in different
                                     interpretations of what "clean" means...)
                  Vacuum all floors
                   Empty trash cans/ take trash to street

Tuesdays - just basic kitchen duty

Wednesday - basic kitchen duty

Thursday - laundry
                  empty trash cans

Friday - Bathrooms (same routine as Monday)
              Vacuum all floors
               Wash towels and bed linens (OK - in the spirit of full disclosure, my bed linens don't get
                washed every week - don't tell DFACS)

I recommend a website called flylady.net   This has really good lists of what all needs to be cleaned every week and lots of other info.  I aspire to it all but my above list is what we can actually accomplish.