Be happy - tip # 18

Tip # 18 - Don't trust your feelings.

That sounds odd.  We are trying to learn how to be happy, how to overcome depression or despair -- and I tell you not to trust your feelings????

Absolutely.  Feelings can be marvelous toppings to the sundae of life but they are not the ice cream.  They can change quickly, unexpectedly, and fleetingly.  And when they do, they change a chocolate sundae to a caramel one.  Or a strawberry sundae to something fit for the trash can....when topped with Ragu instead of sweet fruit!

Just because we "feel" something, doesn't make it true.  (Case in point - did you wind up marrying that boy that you LOOOOOOOOOOVED so much in 6th grade?  For most of us, those particular feelings didn't last.  Good thing.)

All feelings should be held against the standard of Truth.  If they don't line up, the feelings - not the Truth - is what needs changing.

"But this is how I feel!"  I know.  And feelings are powerful emotions.  They not only affect our behavior, they often direct it. I am not suggesting that you deny the feeling. Just change it.  So, how do we change what we feel?  By what we think.  FEELING FOLLOWS THINKING.  We must discipline ourselves to think on what is true.  Over and over and over and over.  Eventually, our feelings will line up with truth.

Feeling rejected?  Focus not only on your complete acceptance in Christ, but also evaluate what's making you feel rejected.  You got left out of a get-together that sounds like a lot of fun.  Don't assume it's because you aren't liked.  Instead, assume the best and move on.
Feeling alone? In addition to reminding yourself that Jesus says He will never leave us or forsake us, call to mind times when you have enjoyed times with friends.  And then choose to be a friend to someone else.  To have friends, one must show herself friendly.
Feeling stupid?  One mistake (or two or three or four...) does not equate to failure. Instead, realize that now you know how NOT to do something.  And accept that Wonder Woman is just on the cartoons.  (Who wants to wear that ridiculous outfit anyway!!!!)

On and on the list goes.  Take your thought captive.  Make it yield to the Truth.  Be consistent.  And good feelings will follow.