Be happy - tip #19

This tip is difficult to embrace when you are hurting.  But it is necessary because it's the truth. 

Tip # 19 - It's not all about you.

Feelings of despair or depression can so cloud our thinking that we can hardly see beyond our own pain.  But if we are to get out of the pit, we must do just that.  When our own heart is in ICU, we must realize that manifestations of our own hurt can do great damage to others.  I am not suggesting that we are to fake joy or go on a guilt trip so as to avoid inflicting pain on those we love but I do want us to face this reality so that we will be motivated to move out of despair and into joy.  Spouses and children and beloved others are wounded when we remain in the pit.  They not only feel helpless to fix things but also usually feel responsible for our pain.  These reactions to our pain can often catapult them into a pit of their own. 

So tip #19 is to get our eyes off ourselves and acknowledge the impact we have on others.  Use that as impetus to take the business of joy seriously.  A joyful Mom (or sister or daughter or wife or friend) is a wonderfully powerful influence on others.  Refer to all previous "be happy tips" so as to respond to this one!