All the single Mommies

This is a pat on the back to all the single Mommies in the world.  You are doing a great job.  Maybe there are some exceptions to that but all the singles Moms that I know are doing a really great job.  And I, for one, want to tell them so.

As I consider my friends that are solo in the parenting role, I realize that they are usually weary, often scared, and mostly lonely.  Yet I cannot recall a single one of them ever complaining or wishing they could check out of this job.  This role that they didn't sign up to do alone.  Whether by choice or circumstances, they have not only accepted this load but have embraced it.  And they are good at it.  And I am so proud to know every one of them.  So stinking proud of them.  What they are doing is really really really hard.  I don't think I could do it.  Seriously.  Wow.  Their path is steep and hard and long.  And lonely. 

Those of us with a cohort in this parenting thing,let's just think about it for a minute.  These gals (and I know there are some men that have to walk this path, too, so I also applaud them.  But for right now, I'm just thinking about my girlfriends) work all they can keep the lights on and pbj's on the table.  Then they come home and have no one to help slap the pbj's together and tag team to soccer practice, ballet class, and homework.  Then there's bedtime prep and hoping to remember to slip prayers in tonight cuz there wasn't time the last 47 nights when they had to referee the sibling wars and navigate the book bag contents and make sure there was something accessible the kids could wear the next day.  Clean might have to wait til next week.  Once that was done, there were bills to in which ones could wait til the next paycheck...then there would be prayers for a miracle.  Even a small one that would mean survival for a little bit longer. 

I know some Moms have to do all this and more even with a cohort...but, let's be real.  Sometimes we get a break.  Truly.  And we often get encouragement and support and at least someone else to discuss options with.  These Mommies don't.

When there's a sick baby, there's nobody to share the days off from work.  Or the night shift.  Or the decisions about care. Or the worry. No arms to hold them...or to hold them up. 

Nobody to say thank you.  Or tell them they are doing just fine and their kids are gonna be OK.  That's their main fear.  Not one of the single Mommies I know has ever worried about themselves but they admit to me their terror that they are not covering all the parenting bases.  Now, I know all Moms fret about that....but when there's Daddy in the picture, he's there to quell those fears and insist that the mistakes are not life-altering and to point out the good that we don't see in ourselves.  These single Mommies never hear that perspective.

So I'm gonna give it.  And I'm asking God to grant you grace and peace and strength...and hope. 

If you've got a single Mom in your circle, send her a text and tell her.  She's doing a great job.