Need a little help from my friends

OK so it's not (quite) life or death but this is an SOS that I'll bet every woman can relate to.  I've hit a brick wall when it comes to what to have for dinner.  I am completely aware that the internet puts all sorts of menu planning options at my fingertips but I want ideas from real people like YOU.  What did you feed your family for dinner last week and what are you planning for this coming one?  No take out suggestions please (I can cite those in my sleep!!).  I'm looking for simple, inexpensive ideas using ground beef or chicken.  No Tazmanian gingerroot - I don't have time to shop for it.

Please give me some ideas.  NOTE:  If you receive this via email, I do not receive your response if you try to "reply" to the email.  You'll need to comment on FB or on the actual blog site.  Otherwise, your life-saving ideas will wander around in cyber space and never reach me.  And my family will starve.  Or maybe have chicken enchiladas or spaghetti again.  Again.   Again.

Please help.