A picture is worth 1000 words

A few posts ago, I mentioned how I handle mail and that prompted some questions about my, uh, system.  I responded with some pics on FB of my, uh, system.  Since then, I've had more queries so here's more info on my, uh, system.

I sort the mail each day as soon as I possibly can.  And I trash as much as possible.  I don't keep catalogs or most magazines.  Seriously.  If they contain game changing info, I feel sure I can dig it up online.  So I toss it.  Then I distribute what remains to family members.  (For a while years ago, I used different color folders for each of us.  Then I decided the children didn't get enough mail for all that trouble.  So, my current, uh, system evolved)  I put hubby's mail in the contraption shown below and he handles as needed.  This is located on the bookcase beside his chair and I would love to "clean it out" for him :) but I don't dare.  Marital happiness and all that.

Next step - wall mounted mail holder/file system.  I got this as a wedding gift from my friend Beth and it is probably the most used gift we received.  LOVE IT!!  Top slot - all tax info (receipts for my tutoring business, contribution receipts, etc)  At tax time, I turn it all over to hubby.  Middle slot - paid bills and other things that need to be filed later in more permanent folders (not shown here)  This is a temporary holding spot for all those things that I don't have time to file after I handle them.  I know lots of folks use only digital copies and hopefully I will catch up with the rest of the universe one day.  For now, this works for me.  Bottom bin - bills to be paid (I only pay once a month) and any other pending correspondence.  As much as possible, I handle things immediately but sometimes I need input before I RSVP to an event or whatever.

There you have it - my, uh, mail system.

  Notice the keys.  We have a lot of drivers in our family.  Dear hubby lives by the rule that car keys should be placed here immediately upon entering house.  I appealed for an exemption so he lets me keep mine in my purse.  Most of the time that's the case.....
Funny - no, actually it's sad - story on keys.  Sweet neighbor gave me a duplicate of her house key for an emergency.  Of course those things are just a safety net - emergencies never happen, right?  Well, said neighbor locked herself out of her house one day but she didn't worry.  Cuz she knew I had a key to her house!  Right?  Well, except that I couldn't find it.  Oh my goodness.  I looked high and low and tried every key in this collection.  None worked.  Weeks later I found her key - in its labeled envelope - stuck down in one of these bins.  I've been embarrassed for two years.  Thankfully she is a gracious woman and still speaks to me. 

Next pic - organizational tip from my 11 year old.  Her room would make an army colonel proud.  Every single thing is in its rightful place, down to each bottle of nail polish.  She saw my tshirt drawer one day and rearranged it for me.  Changed my life forever.  Instead of folding each shirt, she rolled them up and placed each one like a file folder.  Now they all fit and I can see each one easily instead of digging through a stack to find the one I want on the bottom.
Out of the mouths of babes.  Wow.  This picture is its current state, shirts placed by yours truly.  When Betsy arranged them, they looked even better.

This last picture is of my linen closet.  I want you to know that I really mean it when I say I am not organized. This is really what it looks like and I am not exactly sure what all is in there.

But that's why God had someone invent closet doors.
What I can't see doesn't bother me.