Simple things can have substantial results

When all my kiddos were living at home, there were times I was really really really overwhelmed.  I wasn't trying to keep my head above water, I just wanted the straw I stuck up above the water line to not get clogged up ! LOL!!

At one point, I sent my husband an SOS, thinking his solution would surely be to whip the kids into shape and tell them they had to do all my work or something.  Instead, he came up with

Family conference.  Seriously.  I was skeptical to say the least that circling the wagons every Sunday evening would address my overwhelment (is that a word??) but, guess what?  Hubby was right.  Again.

Even though we are all together quite a bit, including most meals, somehow this weekly gathering to coordinate schedules and discuss what was going on in each other's lives worked some magic.  Sometimes I fixed a snack for us and we munched away while catching up on things and looking ahead to the next week.  Other times we had different ones share a family devotional or celebrate recent successes.  But this intentional togetherness was like the epicenter of an earthquake of goodwill and its positive tremors were felt through the week.

Even if you're not as overwhelmed as I was feeling, I suggest a weekly family conference.  Aftershocks can be a good thing!