Amazing clutter

Tip for today - don't let clutter accumulate.  Simply because it mysteriously develops a magnetic field and attracts other items to the pile.  In milliseconds.  Amazing phenomenon.

Just put the stuff away as soon as you're done with it.  When I'm cooking, I get all ingredients out and then put them back as I use them.  Might be an extra step or two but it not only gets it all put away it helps me remember if I've added the baking soda or not!  When we come in the door, we take our shoes off and put them in the shoe basket.  (OK so my hubby doesn't do this but since he not only pays the mortgage but is also bigger than I am, I let him keep his on)  School books don't land on the kitchen table.  Mail doesn't lay on the island - I sort it and deal with it when it comes each day.  (I was taught in a business seminar years ago to only touch a piece of paper once - pretty good advice) Clothes don't pile up on the bed - they are hung up or placed in laundry baskets. 

You get the idea.  Put stuff away immediately.  That magnetic field is scary.