The Calendar

Lots of folks utilize their phone and/or computer for scheduling.  I still use a large calendar.  Not big enough to cover a chalkboard but one that hangs on the side of my fridge and is large enough to write lots of appointments and ball games and piano recitals and birthdays on each day.

But it doesn't just hang there.  I USE IT.  I order mine from  I like it because it begins in August (seems like so many activities tie in with the school year ) and runs for 16 more months.  It has plenty of room to write on each day and it has a pocket on the back where I stick invitations, appointment reminders and other pertinent info that doesn't need to be filed elsewhere.  At the beginning of each school year, I transfer all birthdays from the old calendar to the new one as well as adding everything my family needs to do on the appropriate days.  Every ball game AND PRACTICE, doctor's appointments, meetings, church activities, work commitments, etc.  As new opportunities arise, my kids know to go check the calendar before they even ask me if they can go.  If it's clear, they then ask for permission to go and we add it to the calendar.  If an event requires me to do something in advance such as bake cookies or get a gift, I "time-activate" it a couple of days prior so I'll get it done.

My truly organized friend Catherine uses different color sharpies for each family member's activities.  I am happy if I can just read my handwriting once I've recorded the event on the date.  But if you are so inclined, then I applaud your box of Crayolas - you go, girl!!

Just use a calendar.  Religiously. It has saved my tail numerous times.  Seriously.