Be a lazy mom

 I'm lucky enough to benefit from the wisdom of others. Perhaps God knew how lacking I would be so He kindly placed wise women right under my nose. In my own family. So I could watch and learn. Today's tip comes from observing one of my SIL's who was already successfully training three little ones before I ever entered the marvelous world of sleep deprivation.

She encouraged them to be thinkers and doers instead of dependents. I would often hear her respond "I think you can solve your problem" when they came to her with a frustration or dilemma. Such as not being able to reach something or untangling a toy cord. She didn't brush them off and go on her merry way but neither did she  rush in and save the day continuously. Instead she patiently and cheerfully and gently helped them to figure things out on their own.

 At first this will feel like it takes a lot of time and that efficiency would  be better served if you just solve the problem yourself. But think long term. Instead of running to mommy every time a puzzle piece won't fit, the child learns to handle it independently. In the long run, being a "lazy Mom" will save you time.  And then some!  Not that I am writing a parental advice column but surely we all need to remember that our goal is to (eventually) raise adults!!

 Trust me. More than efficiency is achieved. My SIL now has 4 grown independent confident successful adults who all landed great jobs upon graduation.   Apparently employers like problem solvers too. 

Today's tip. Strive to be a lazy mom. Teach kids to figure things out for themselves. 

Works for your list of chores as well. Just sayin