Birds of a feather....

The things I get to learn from my sisters-in-law!  I could write a book - I should - on the ways they make my life better.  Today's tip came from one of them.  It might sound simple but it's quite amazing how efficient and effective it is.

Group like things together.  Sounds simple, doesn't it?  If you apply it, it's astounding. 

My dear SIL came to visit me after baby #3 arrived.  She not only cooked, cleaned, and played with my children while I rested, she organized my pantry.  Seriously.  (Sorry -she's not available to join your family - she's in mine!)  I had things crammed in my little pantry in an order known only to me.  Well, probably only to God.  I wish I had a picture of it.  No, actually I don't.  Well, my SIL took it all out and grouped like things together.  Canned goods.  Breakfast foods.  Baking items.  Chips and crackers. So on.  Amazing. Not only was it easy to find things, it was also easy for my little helpers to put things back where they belonged! 

When my husband's corporate move necessitated I leave that organized pantry, I made sure I set up my new one in similar fashion.  And although my current pantry doesn't look quite as good as when my dear SIL established mine in NC many years ago, it far surpasses the hodge-podge arrangement I was accustomed to!

Oh, and this principle works great in other areas as well - linen closet, garage, toy areas, bookshelves, etc.  It spreads like good bacteria :)