Crossing off that item on the list

Master Bedroom is done, y'all!

I am beyond excited - I am depleted.

Why I didn't anticipate what would happen as I went through some of those piles and boxes in my closet, I do not know.
I sobbed my eyeballs out after 20 minutes in the closet.

The baby items and the tshirts saved for the last two memory quilts to one day be made. The notes and pictures and various little mementos that evoked an avalanche of memories and emotions. The pj's which were the first thing she ever sewed by herself. The jersey he wore when he ran for a touchdown and spiked the ball in the end zone...and got the penalty. The AWANA cubbies vest and the Yellowstone Jr Ranger shirt and the tshirt from Jamaica. All those team shirts and camp shirts and vacation shirts that needed to be processed neatly into boxes, ready to be turned into wedding gifts for the last two kids.

Sure am glad the other two already have their quilts - I barely survived this trip down memory lane. If it had been doubled, I'd have needed medication for sure.

But it's done.

And I realized some organizational tips about myself.

1. It's better for me to declutter before I organize
2. I need to break the large tasks into small ones and attack them in separate assaults. Otherwise, the chore feels too daunting. I don't do well to assign myself one whole day and work til it's done - I am better off doing a step here, a step there until the journey's done.

Probably that is a malady called "ACDD" - Attention Cleaning Deficiency Disorder.

Maybe there is a group for that.

3. Now that I have my bookshelves done and the master bedroom done, I need something small and more manageable so that payoff is fast.

Hmmmmmmm ok so what's next?

The half bath on the main floor.

That will be quick and easy.

But for now, I will bask in my decluttered bedroom. If you come over, I'm likely to invite you to look under my bed. And I will definitely expose you to "closet envy".  At least on my half of it.

Just sayin