Operation Declutter continues

I love hearing about your progress in this quest towards a more minimalistic lifestyle!  Tks for the updates - keep 'em coming because it motivates me and holds me accountable. We are blessing our families by cleaning out our stuff. We are blessing others by giving some things to them. And we are blessing ourselves because we will feel less stressed in a decluttered environment, we will waste less time looking for things, and we will have more time to do things other than corral clutter!  Hooray!

So, the books have been reduced, the MB is clean and organized, and the half bath is as well. I needed this easy project after tackling the Master Bedroom!  It didn't take even half an hour to clean out the cabinet under the sink, stock it with necessities :), and swipe it til it sparkles. With extra room in the cabinet, I decided to put the Christmas decor I use in this room in that empty space!  And the seasonal candles that I change out fall and spring - instead of stuck who knows where in the laundry room!  That will make things easier to swap out later - score!

Next I will attack the piano room.  Instead of a formal living room, we have a "piano room". In here we have the piano (duh), lots of books, and a loveseat for a reading area (this is where I do my daily devotions).  This might sound like it will be as easy a project as the half bath...but this is also where we've decided to house our files. We rearranged some furniture, moved things from one room to another, and are consolidating files from three different places in our house. At least three.  Ugh.

All that to say, this will not be as simple as the bath I just completed. But not as arduous as the bedroom closet! And hopefully not as sentimental - whew!

Knowing my ACDD (attention to cleaning deficiency disorder), I will go about it in spurts. 15-20 minutes at a time. But it will get done if I keep at it. So, Jan 31 is my goal.

And I am not even going to think about the rooms that need attention next.

That laundry room and kitchen may be the death of me....